37 Organizing ideas with Command Hooks

More info related to our 37 Organizing ideas with command hooks_________________________________Help:press CC to turn on/off Subtitle------------------------------------------------------1.►0:27|Hooks used to hold baking utensils.2.►0:32|Or, you know, regular cooking utensils.3.►0:52|A simple budget organization idea, hang them on the wall or side of the fridge..4.►1:03|Transform an old door into an all-purpose kitchen storage unit.5.►1:14|A hook can hold a measuring cup on the side of your cereal bin..6.►1:21|Use two hooks to make foil and plastic wrap easy to reach and tear.7.►2:01|Add some shower curtain rings and rods to the side of your fridge..8.►2:17| With command hooks, You can make for convenient back-of-the-high-chair bib storage.9.►2:26|hang beautiful country-style window vases.10.►2:35|Mount a vertical herb garden next to your kitchen window..11.►2:54|Station a hook next to your sink to guard your rings..12.►3:03|Create more storage space by securing a wire spice rack to the back of your bathroom cabinets…13.►3:23|hang a wire file box on the side of your sink.14.►3:34|Combine the organizational power of hooks and caddies to make a shower rack.15.►3:47|Switch those shower racks for bath-toy baskets 16.►4:11|Store the entire family’s sunglasses on two hooks and a dowel ..17.►4:44|An upside-down hook can hold a wreath in place.18.►4:52|Add small hook nestled on top of a doorframe to hold banners and bunting.19.►5:16|Pair a couple with a baseboard to hang a big quilt.20.►5:35|Hang curtains neatly by painting your hooks the same color as your crown molding ..21.►6:03|Clean up your entertainment center with zip ties and small hooks22.►6:48|Or you can seek out hooks designed specifically for holding cords.23.►7:02|Improvise a paper towel holder with two hooks..24.►7:15|Hang costume jewelry with command hook on a corkboard.25.►7:21|Or just along the sides of a shelf.26.►7:28|Spray-paint command hooks gold.27.►7:41|Or command hooks in some glittery Mod Podge.28.►8:07|Painting plastic hooks.29.►8:19|“Hammered metallic” hooks.30.►8:34|Decoupage your hooks.31.►8:39|A hanging a spice rack on your wall.32.►8:55|Use hooks to hang baskets on the wall.33.►9:01 Command hooks to make DIY Fun party kids accessorry34.►9:09|A photo backdrop for a wedding.35.►9:16|A dowel between two hooks for washi tape storage.36.►9:25|A macramé creation spot with the same dowel-and-two-hooks trick.37.►9:35|Buckets on the side of the kids’ craft table-----To explore credit and materials I used to make this video, visit this board belowcan follow my board, repin it, save it for later or share. It's free-----Music:Youtube Audio/Music LibraryLast time links checked: 5/17/17______________More ideas at-----------------------


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