This video is a comparison between Australia and Canada in terms of immigrating as a permanent resident.


Why is he so toxic

Sonu Jena


Raine Burton

I like to watch this channel because it shows me what people go through in life I’ve had a couple of hard times too but I haven’t compared to yours you got to share your story with people 💧


congrats on 500k subs dude! you stuck with it throughout the tough times and now you've made it. keep it up :)

Jacob Gama



That payday thing is so epic, fit for the game.

Drunk Spy

She looks like that “hey kid, have heard about LGBTQ+ community?” girl 🤔


only god know why i am watching this at 1 am just before going to sleep

jerica@jjey.com YJ

Love this story!!!!!!!!!


everything else after 15:50 is just kylie and her friends screaming lmaooo



jay yapyyy

Curry look mentally and physically exhausted he’s tired.. like if the warriors will win the series

John Lessard

I have two questions for you. 1.If you could be anybody in the world, who would you be? 2. What's your name?

Jae Ann btw

I watched a 10 minute ad for you guys

krista priebe

When I was younger I thought you pushed the belly and the baby would explode out

Llama Productions

Who's watching in 2017?

Will Becker

damn that UFO stuff is crraaaaayy

Peter Parker

The founder of facebook

I like getting likes >:’)

Rare Pepe

But where's Twin Peaks reference? It was in the beginning of the game

Ayden Jacob


manya Daksh



I was diagnosed with traits of this and now have developed it fully I’m

amy koza

I no exsakly how she feel I lost my dad in a car accident back in 2012 and I miss him every day but I no he would not want me to be sad now I have a step dad and at first I had trouble talking to him no I’m a lot better and every night I pray to him from my window and say I love him thank you for reading if you did your the best and Didn’t just scrol past this thank you for reading.

Harvey Paniagua Guzman


Briandre Jones

Who is the panda

Dude Smooth

The best youtuber ever

CC Danyell

“One minute I’m enjoying life, and now I’m at the hospital”

Md Mokter Shek

Team shatter train



Louis Bryant

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Is it so depressive...

Hannah Greer

There is a scene in the golden compass where Lyra gives her mum the tin box covered in wax and I always found that very relaxing

And butt powder

Rania Paruk

My birthday is In November, so maybe my destiny is to have ice powers. Lol 😂

video status official NiHu



The panda won!

iiColdDay O_o

Thought my phone was going to blow up with gay prom



Mr. human

isnt da guy in the bear suit now panda

Aris Young

IBAKA traveled right after KD TORE his ACHILLES! SMFH

Just_my_ Opinion

She : Girl can't fight boys First

Zacmaster 55

There is a house fire. Rick takes his cards and gets rid of the fire

Feather Le Wolf

Was I the only one that saw all the drawing all over Ethan’s hand

moyee 64

My bad guy: EXISTSCanadian: am I joke to you? Sorry thanks

Blackout Studios

I actually cried.


What is with SR and bunnies?

Zein Iskandrani

any one in 2018

Thatguy simon

Your voice is anoying