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People of various professions do their work quickly and efficiently🔨Amazing Home Inventions - Up Riddim2.Badman Tings Riddim3.Boi4.Uh Oh5.Barilicious6.Dumb as a BoxWe are in social networks:1.Instagram - - you have any questions or suggestions email us. You can also collaborate with us sending your videos. - vadivid@tuta.ioThe video is intended for viewing in educational and cognitive purposes, as well as for criticism and comments from viewers.


Meet the 10 largest dinosaurs ever. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.----------------------------------------------------------------------------DESCRIPTION:Since its discovery in the nineteenth century, dinosaurs have been fascinating the world. Some were so large that their dimensions are hard to believe.Random:-Giganotosaurus-Carcharodontosaurus-Pliosaur-Plesiosaurs-Spinosaurus-Diplodocus-Brachiosaurus-Mamenchisaurus-Sauroposeidon-Argentinosaurus-Anphicoelias---------------------------------------------------------------------------About Us:Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting, bizarre, funny and mysterious Tops and Lists. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Us:Facebook:: copyright matters, please contact and Revenge de Kevin MacLeod está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution (

Titipo train stopped! Let’s go Tuktakman Police car, Ambulance, Train #PinkyPopTOY

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Tony Rex Confronts Chris Pratt

Tony Rex, the Tyrannosaurus rex miffed over being cut from Jurassic World, lets Chris Pratt know how he feels before making a romantic plea to Bryce Dallas Howard.

0/1 Knapsack Problem Dynamic Programming

Given a bag which can only take certain weight W. Given list of items with their weights and price. How do you fill this bag to maximize value of items in the bag.

Garbage Trucks: On Route, In Action!

Some of my most popular videos have always been longer, compilation-style videos featuring several different garbage trucks. I often receive messages from parents of young garbage truck fans, telling me that their little ones are huge fans of these longer videos and are fascinated by the variety of different garbage trucks......So by popular demand, here is another garbage truck compilation video! This video features a wide variety of all different kinds of garbage trucks, all doing what they do best: picking up trash! You'll see rear loaders, side loaders, front loaders, automated trucks, and even a couple of curb-sort recycle trucks! This video will be sure to keep everyone entertained, from the youngest garbage trucks fans, to fellow adult garbage truck enthusiasts like myself, there's plenty of action! For those who regularly follow my videos, you'll even see a few new trucks that haven't had their "feature video" uploaded yet!Want to see more garbage trucks in action? Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe!Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to leave comments and questions!I would also like to extend a huge thank you to all of the drivers of the trucks featured in this video!Thrash 'N' Trash Productions...Wasting Away Through Garbage Trucks and Heavy Metal Since 2008For more videos: more photos: my latest musings: my garbage truck blog: refuse industry history: for Watching!©2015 Thrash 'N' Trash Productions. All Rights Reserved.Theme Music Written, Composed, and Recorded by Bryn Erdman (Thrash 'N' Trash Productions)

I Went 24hrs Without Touching Plastic. This is What Happened.

Check out Bunz: me on Instagram: me on Twitter: turns out that plastic is pretty much in everything around us. Lets try and change that, ok? You don't need to go 100% #PlasticFree to make a big difference. Stop buying single use plastics.You can find me on Patreon: for the stats in this video:Plastic in poo... recycling and waste: vs Fish...

The steps of the strategic planning process in under 15 minutes

Take our video course and learn how to run all the steps in the planning process and create your own strategic plan. PLUS, get access to All of our workbooks and us if you're looking for someone to facilitate your strategic planning session: you want to learn the different steps to take when creating a strategic plan here is a simplified version that will take you less than 15 minutes to go over. For more strategic planning resources visit

Desert Island construction adhesive

A Desert island construction adhesive I make, sticks to anything dries like concrete, water based for easy clean up, about 35 cents a tube, other adhesives cost 3.50 and up, try a small batch 30 percent carpenters glue/60 mudd, it doesn't replace other better adhesives but it works well for flat plywood skins glued to other wood surfaces, rhe amount of tubes you can refil dwpends on of course of the amount your mixing also costs vary, you will see it works very well. Or, you can just refill the tubes with mudd only if your just filling ceacks and amall holes. I know the cell phone goes the other way, sorry but I only had one take': )Invent on'

How I Plan to Insulate My Van & Why (Mold Prevention)

How I will be insulating my van after lots of trial and error, and countless hours of research. My goal is to avoid condensation in my van build to prevent mold and slow down temperature transfer in hot and cold climates. My Social Media Links:Channel:--------------------------------------------------------------------------You can support my channel the following ways:Put a couple bucks in my gas tank with a one time PayPal donation: a Patron and see videos before everyone else(when available)merch, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and much more:These Products I use and love and many others through my Amazon Affiliate Links: The Camera I use: Lense: Use This to increase the reach and revenue of my youtube channel: You Need a Mail Forwarding, Permanent Address,or Vehicle Registration services while living on the road? This is the best Way: Animation and Logo Design: by Epidemic Sound (All activities in this video are for entertainment purposes only. Pleaseuse anything shown, described, or performed at your own risk, and under the guidance of a licensed professional.

How to make $2,000 a month with 25 ducks!

In this video I'll show you how I make money with my flock of Khaki Campbell ducks.Enjoy!(Please share, like, and subscribe to show your support!Thanks!)

🔥⚡Talking Tom Hero Dash The Ultimate Raccoon Boss Fight⚡🔥

Time to face the first Raccoon Boss in Talking Tom Hero Dash! Angela is in trouble lets fight and set Angela free from cruel Racoon boss! #talkingtomherodashThanks For Watching Xtreme Gaming Fever. Your Subscription is really Very very Important for me. If You Like This Gameplay, I am Sure That You Will Like to see more Game Plays.... 🔷More Gameplays🔷🔵Farming Simulator 20Simulator 18Simulator 16Simulator 14Simulator 3Playlists🔷Contacts And Discord🔷🤵Contact🙋‍♂️Discord General Discussions:❕About Game❕✅Talking Tom Hero DashAndroid Play Store:App Store:Game Developers OUTFIT 7Website:Developers:Thank you very much dear developers that you made this great Game. If you think that this Gameplay Damaging/infringing your or Someones property/rights or you want to suggest something, you should contact us through Email. Thanks! ⚠For Viewers⚠ If I say thanks to viewers 1000 times it will be less than that what they deserve. I have spent a lot of time to play this game,and worked hard to bring this Gameplay to you. I have tried my best to make this video entertaining. If you still think that I need to do something better or if you have any complaint about this video/channel then Please contact me by sending an email. Thanks! 🎵About Music🎵These are all music which is used in this video. Thanks to music creators who made these awesome tracks and let me and other creators to use these tracks. In case of any complaint/Suggestion please contact with us! Thanks!1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣

AMAZING R/C TRUCK ACTION - will it drop down... AT CONSTRUCTION WORLD - Nov 2017 p4

RC truck action with excavators, dozer, wheel loader, track loader, tractor and more construction machines. ?!?!?Will the truck dropping?!?!? for a visit at an indoor parcours in an old plant house, calls Construction World Herschweiler, an amazing place to meet R/C addicts with their detailed, full functional, powerful R/C trucks and construction machines. The guys had a lot of fun, like we while filming and playing.For more information about the parcours look here you'll enjoy these videos, if so please feel free to comment and subscribe. And now sit back and relax.You also can find and like our page on Facebook of many questions where I got my stuff, here a link to the dealer I buy my RC stuff....zu Gast beim Indoor Parcours in Herschweiler. Hier können sich RC Trucks, Dumper, Bagger, Raupen, Radlader, Laderaupen und andere Baumaschinen nach Herzenslust austoben.Infos zum Parcours findet Ihr unterVideos dürfen natürlich wieder per Verlinkung geteilt und gepostet werden.Bei Gefallen würde ich mich über einen netten Kommentar oder ein Abo sehr freuen. Und nun viel Spaß beim Schauen und Stöbern auf meinem Kanal.Du findest uns auch auf Facebook mehrfacher Fragen, wo man solche RC Modelle bekommt, hier ein Link zum RC Shop in dem ich meine RC Einkäufe mache...

If Google Was A Guy

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT.TV, available WORLDWIDE: available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.Get CollegeHumor straight to your inbox! more us on: us on: us on:


4d building sequence demonstrating, site logistics during construction. Our animations link a 3d model to dates in a planning schedule and show a timeline of events from traffic management to methodology of construction. This is used to win bid submissions, client communication and early planning stages between contractors.

Breathtaking Colors of Nature in 4K III 🐦Beautiful Nature - Sleep Relax Music 4K UHD TV Screensaver

Enjoy the peaceful and colorful nature views in beautiful 4K UHD.Helps Relax & Fall Asleep FAST! 2 hours long. Relax with beautiful birds, flowers, and more!..Music for relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, study. Sit back, relax and enjoy :)▼ See More! ▼▼ Buy our Videos ▼Buy our 4K UHD Videos and turn your TV into a window to nature!. Download HD, 4K UHD, and mobile-ready files. Use promo code "20OFF" and get 20% discount :) ▼ Cameras & Gear Used To Shoot This Video ▼▷ for watching this video, if you enjoyed it like and subscribe! ▷ Best Relax Music & Stunning Nature in 4K and HDNew Videos every Monday, Start your Week Relaxed!Great as a TV Screensaver for the office,lounge, waiting room, Spa, Restaurant, etc. Play it in your Roku, Apple tv, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc.▼Check our Video Playlists▼Relaxing Music and Beautiful Nature - Non-Stop Playlist ➔ & Relaxing Music ➔ Animals and Relaxing Music ➔ Most Beautiful Landscapes & Relaxing Music ➔ Nature Sounds ➔us on Facebook▼Subscribe!▼Relaxing Nature ChannelDISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

"Dot" Calls Out Request for Prey Delivery - Peregrine Falcon GRE 6-23-11

6-23-11 Chicks are 3 & 4 days old. The male, off camera, brings prey. Dot was hatched in June 2007 at Xcel Energy's Blackdog Power Plant in Burnsville, MN. She is the daughter of Nora, hatched 1999, Chicago, IL. Dot is the new resident female peregrine falcon at Great River Energy. Elk River, MN.Raptor Resource ProjectRiver Energy

Garden Room Workshop: Part 6. Insulation & Plywood floor

Part 6 of a video series about how to self-build a timber-framed garden room office (aka tiny house)/wood workshop in the UK. This video covers insulating the floor, vapour barrier and plywood covering.The purpose of this video series is to provide all the information required for viewers to build their own garden room rather than just a montage of the building work. It took me months of research to learn everything in these videos so I hope to save people time and money.The videos are a mix of theory and footage of the build including all the mistakes I made along the way. I am not a builder or tradesman, just a keen DIY-er with some basic tools. Everyone can do this! In the longer term, I hope to turn this channel into a community for garden room self-builders and to eventually evolve into a woodworking projects channel - the real purpose of my garden room!Insulation is a complicated topic so in this video I just give an overview to give you the necessary knowledge to get building. I didn't mention thermal bridging, which is cold moving through the floor joists which are not insulated. I'll discuss this further in a later video about the roof insulation. Garden room ideas: workshop, office, games room, cinema room, art studio, music studio, yoga retreat, spare bedroom, annexe or run a home business such as yoga classes or hair salon.Associated website: www.alidymock.comTools used:Circular saw to cut the overlapping plywood.Mitre sawImpact driver: measure: level as a straight edge: gunSafety: gloves, eye-wear, ear protection, dust maskMaterials used:Red cedar battens (use treated timber battens instead)NailsCelotex PIR 100mm thick 4x8' sheetsExpanding foam: foil tape: (4 x 50mm)Grab adhesive: WBP, 18mm thick, B/BB gradeSecond-hand PIR (heard good things about these guys):U-value calculator:U-value calculator: websites to check prices for materials :

Learn Colors Monster Construction Vehicle VS Street Vehicle Magic Slide Pool Pretend Play for Kids

#MonsterTruck #Toymonster #StreetVehicleMonster Truck is a unique learning channel that teaches color to your Children!Don't forget to Subscribe & Like :)More Video:


Just a compilation of Visayan jokes made by great Cebuano comedians -Thanks to them.

Construction SOUND EFFECTS - Construction Work Noise Bauarbeiten Bohren Ambience Outdoor SOUNDS

work working sound effect, construction noises, sound effects long construction site sound effects sounds of fx sfx bauarbeiten soundAmbience, travaux, οικοδομικές εργασίες, lavori edili, attenzione, lavori in corso, prace budowlane, obras, строи́тельные рабо́ты, gradbena dela, obras de construcción, inşaat, SOUND EFFECT - construction work - Soundeffekt Bauarbeiten construcciónAtmospheres - Sound Effect #0079----------------------------------------------------------------------------MORE SOUNDS:AIRPLANES: AND WOMEN: TRANSPORT: EQUIPMENT: you want to use any of my Sound Effects, Atmospheres: Please give me a "Thumb Up" and a "Thanks To" credit in your movie.All Sounds For Free.If you like what you heard, Subscribe!Download: Please searching for the program: "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter"and then follow the instructions.


If you're looking to get more done in a day and want to make the most of your time, check out my calendar blocking strategy!___W A T C HM O R E:→ MAKE TIME FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO DOHOW TO WAKE UP AT 5AM (EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT)HOME OFFICE STUDIO TOURSubscribe for good vibes | My book: Vlog Like a Boss | | Concrete Pilots by Lauren DunnDownload it here: M E N T I O N E D→ TIME CUBEST H EB O O K S H E L F→ Check out a 30 day Audible trial: The Bookshelf Shop Page | PLAYLIST: My Book Reviews |F O L L O Wblog | | | | G OA F T E RI T💌 Don't miss a beat! Join #AmysElite My book: Vlog Like a Boss | Music for your vlogs | My vlogging gear | Attend Vlog Boss University: Join the VLAB crew: Get 30 Days to Better Vlogging | 1000 Video Topics Ideas | Vlog Boss Radio podcast | S N A I L M A I LAmy LandinoVlog Boss Studios175 S Third St. Ste 200Columbus, Ohio 43215Inquiries | hello@vlogboss.com___//D E T A I L SWelcome to AmyTV, your space to discover the life you want the way you make it. My name is Amy Landino (formerly Amy Schmittauer) and I'm the author of Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. I'm also an internationally-recognized public speaker, entrepreneur and video content marketing strategist.Discover more details at to AmyTV for regular videos: DISCLOSURE:Thank you for trusting me with my truthful and reliable opinion on any future purchase you may make. I always disclose affiliate or sponsored information when it is the case. As a friend of AmyTV, you allow me to earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my affiliate/referral links. This doesn't affect you in any way in the checkout process unless I've been able to arrange a discount for you that is special from other customers. Thank you for supporting this channel!

Super Best Friends Play: Silent Hill 2 COMPILATION

Note: While I'm all about that SBFP Humor, In this LP, It was COMPLETELY Overshadowed by the Massive Amount of Interesting Bits & Pat actually breaking Things down behind Silent Hill, The Chaotic Rules behind it, and the Psyche of James & the Other Characters, not to mention the Amazing Game itself. So for that, I decided to make a Spoopy Compilation that is completely focused on this Fantastic Game, It's Story, It's Characters, and Most of It all being Explained by Pat, as I wholeheartedly think this is the Number One LP where Pat ever shined the Most. So yeah, There is your Typical SBFP Humor in there, but not alot, as the Story & The Game is the Main Focus here. And MAKE SURE YOU STICK AROUND TILL THE END FOR SOMETHING...SPECIAL...Note #2: Would HIGHLY recommend watching at NightHappy Spooktober, Folks! See ya' in the Shitstorm soon!DETROIT SMASH THOSE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT BUTTONS....If you'd please :)Also, be sure to follow me at the Places linked down below:Twitter: Song: Goes To Silent Hill: Rising Trailer: TILL THE END TO SEE)------------Pyramid Head Selfie:

Top 10 Scientific Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park

Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! should have "spared no expense" on the research budget. From the velociraptors' size, to the T-Rex's vision, to the lifting strength of pteranodons, the Jurassic Park franchise definitely prioritizes science fiction over science fact. WatchMojo ranks the top scientific inaccuracies in Jurassic Park.Watch more great dino-related content here:Top 5 Myths About Dinosaurs - 10 Jurassic Park Franchise Moments - 5 Disgusting Dinosaur Facts - out the voting page for this list and add your picks: thanks to our user MattW128 for suggesting this idea!List rank and entries:#10. Most of the Dinosaurs Aren't from the Jurassic Period #9. Where Did the Extinct Plants Come From? #8. Pteranodons Couldn't Lift People #7. T-Rex's Motion Vision #6. Everything About the Brachiosaurus Scenes #5. Spinosaurus vs. TRex #4. The Mosasaurus #3, #2, #1???Watch on WatchMojo: our our other channels!Social Media PagesGet WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.comWatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

Pre-Sale Condo FAIL in Vancouver?

So you think buying a pre-sale condo in Vancouver will give you the perfect place?Think again?? This condo and building, in Vancouver, are riddled with major problems that the builder left behind. Check out this video to see a few of the major problems that I located the total list is much longer.

Mixing CANDY in Bunny Mold with Singing Nursery Rhymes Finger Family Song

Let's Learn Colors with Thank you for Watching My Video!#FUNNYBOUNCE #LearncolorsMore Video:

Crash, Challenge Brio, Red Vs White, METRO subway 6 x Tunnel, Building wooden,Train, Learn and Play

Train Crash, Challenge Brio, Red Vs White, METRO subway 6 x Tunnelwooden,Train,cars vs trucks This is an amazing Video...BRIO METRO Red Vs White Brio 🚇 Train, Subway Station 🚉STOP Metro Railway subway tunnel x 6 wooden Thomas & Friends Chuggington Brio world toyBrio World, Red Vs White, METRO subway 6 x Tunnelwooden,Train, Hospital,and Police Station 🚉When you play with a wooden train, creativity will grow.A white train passes through the tunnel.Brio dolls are on red, blue or yellow trains.Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio, children love train toys.MUSIC INCLUDED ASRA01:24 Enigma By Kevin MacLeod02:12 Retro Shine by Wayne Jones05:24 Arp Bounce by GeographerThank you 😊. For subscribe 💃, support👌, like 👍. And shared. 😂🎂our videos.. Brio City World / Subway / Railway / Thomas the Tank Engine / In the Brio City you can find a lot of wooden Toy Trains, Train Station, Airport with Monorail, Fire Engine, Fire and Police Station, Bridges, Tunnels, Farm with Cows, Lighthouse, Harbor with ships, Port and many Houses / Brio Smart Tech Trains / Thomas and his Friends / Ambulance / Glowing in the dark // Toys / Brio train and Thomas the small locomotive in the Brio city at night / train / In the Brio city you can see a fire department and police station, farm with cows, trains, tunnels, bridges, harbor, lighthouse, airport / Brio train / Thomas and his friends / children's film / video for children / wooden toys / wooden train / ambulance / metro / electric trains / railroadBrio City World / Metro / Ferrocarril / Thomas the Tank Engine / En la ciudad de Brio puedes encontrar una gran cantidad de trenes de juguete de madera, estación de tren, aeropuerto con monorraíl, bomberos, estación de bomberos y policía, puentes, túneles, granja con vacas, Faro, puerto con barcos, puerto y muchas casas / Brio Smart Tech Trenes / Thomas y sus amigos / Ambulancia / Brillando en la oscuridad // Toys / Brio train y Thomas la pequeña locomotora en la ciudad de Brio en la noche / tren / In the Brio ciudad se puede ver un departamento de bomberos y estación de policía, granja con vacas, trenes, túneles, puentes, puerto, faro, aeropuerto / tren Brio / Thomas y sus amigos / película infantil / video para niños / juguetes de madera / tren de madera / ambulancia / metro / trenes eléctricos / ferrocarrilBrio City World / Métro / Chemin de fer / Thomas the Tank Engine / Dans la ville de Brio, vous pouvez trouver beaucoup de trains en bois, gare, aéroport avec monorail, pompier, incendie et commissariat, ponts, tunnels, ferme avec des vaches, Phare, Port avec des navires, Port et de nombreuses maisons / Brio Smart Tech Trains / Thomas et ses amis / Ambulance / Briller dans le noir // Jouets / Brio train et Thomas la petite locomotive dans la ville de Brio à la nuit / train / Dans le Brio ville, vous pouvez voir un service d'incendie et un poste de police, ferme avec des vaches, trains, tunnels, ponts, port, phare, aéroport / train Brio / Thomas et ses amis / film / vidéo pour enfants / jouets en bois / train en bois / ambulance / métro / trains électriques / chemin de ferBrio City World / Metro / Ferroviária / Thomas the Tank Engine / Na cidade de Brio você pode encontrar um monte de trens de brinquedo de madeira, estação ferroviária, aeroporto com monotrilho, bombeiros, bombeiros e delegacia, pontes, túneis, fazenda com vacas, Farol, Porto com navios, Porto e muitas Casas / Brio Smart Tech Trens / Thomas e seus Amigos / Ambulância / Brilhando no escuro // Toys / Brio train e Thomas a pequena locomotiva na cidade de Brio à noite / trem / No Brio cidade você pode ver um corpo de bombeiros e delegacia, fazenda com vacas, trens, túneis, pontes, porto, farol, aeroporto / trem Brio / Thomas e seus amigos / filme infantil / vídeo para crianças / brinquedos de madeira / trem de madeira / ambulância / metro / trens elétricos / ferroviaBrio City World /地铁/铁路/托马斯坦克引擎/在Brio City你可以找到很多木制玩具火车,火车站,机场单轨列车,消防车,消防和警察局,桥梁,隧道,奶牛农场,灯塔,港口与船舶,港口和许多房屋/ Brio智能科技列车/托马斯和他的朋友/救护车/在黑暗中发光//玩具/ Brio火车和托马斯在Brio市的小机车在晚上/火车/在Brio城市你可以看到一个消防部门和警察局,农场与奶牛,火车,隧道,桥梁,港口,灯塔,机场/ Brio火车/托马斯和他的朋友/儿童的电影/儿童视频/木制玩具/木制火车/救护车/地铁/电动火车/铁路Brio City World/dìtiě/tiělù/tuōmǎsī tǎnkè yǐnqíng/zài Brio City nǐ kěyǐ zhǎodào hěnduō mù zhì wánjù huǒchē, huǒchē zhàn, jīchǎng dānguǐ lièchē, xiāofáng chē, xiāofáng hé jǐngchá jú, qiáoliáng, suìdào, nǎiniú nóngchǎng, dēngtǎ, gǎngkǒu yǔ chuánbó, gǎngkǒu hé xǔduō fángwū/ Brio zhìnéng kējì lièchē/tuōmǎsī hé tā de péngyǒu/jiùhù chē/zài hēi'àn zhōng fāguāng//wánjù/ Brio huǒchē hé tuōmǎsī zài Brio shì de xiǎo jīchē zài wǎnshàng/huǒchē/zài Brio chéngshì nǐ kěyǐ kàn dào yīgè xiāofáng bùmén hé jǐngchá jú, nóngchǎng yǔ nǎiniú, huǒchē, suìdào, qiáoliáng, gǎngkǒu, dēngtǎ, jīchǎng/ Brio huǒchē/tuōmǎsī hé tā de péngyǒu/értóng de diànyǐng/értóng shìpín/mù zhì wánjù/mù zhì huǒchē/jiùhù chē/dìtiě/diàndòng huǒchē/tiělù #ThomasTheTrain #RailroadCrossing #HappyKidsToysWoodenRailway

Donald Trump's Funniest Insults and Comebacks

Donald Trump's funnest moments from the 2016 campaign.A compilation of his best insults, comebacks, and statements. Not only is he rich and smart, but he's also funny as heck too.Here's the funniest things Trump has said about the media, Hillary Clinton, and his critics.Copyright © 2016 by Mark Dice. Do not download or re-upload this video in whole or in part to any channel or other platform, or it will be removed for copyright violations and your account terminated.✔️ Subscribe now for more! See you tomorrow!--- Order Mark's New Book THE ILLUMINATI IN HOLLYWOOD-- In Paperback on or download the ebook from any major e-book store!Follow Me Here: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE YOUTUBE YOUTUBE (2nd channel) BIO:Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture.He has been featured on the History Channel's Decoded, and America's Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.His viral videos have received more than 250 million views and have received international media attention. READ MARK'S BOOKSOrder them in paperback on or download them right now from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.INSIDE THE ILLUMINATI THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION THE BOHEMIAN GROVE: FACTS & FICTION THE BILDERBERG GROUP: FACTS & FICTION LIBERAL TEARS mug support my work on Patreon because I need your help keep making new videos and increase production quality! Pledge $2 or $3 bucks a month, or more if you can, and your contribution will help keep me independent and with no strings attached so I can keep bringing you quality and informative videos!It will also help me continue to say and do the things that would probably get you fired from your job or kicked out of school if you did them, so I will do them and say them for you!

SBS Comparison of GTA games! (GTA 3 vs VC vs SA vs IV vs V)

Comparison of GTA games! (From GTA 3 to 5) Watch how their main characters perform basic actions in the game! Get 10$ back when you purchase from eBay/Amazon: Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE for more!Thanks for watching and happy gaming! 😊#blaze92#gtav_test_series

BACKYARD MAKEOVER! (The Honey-Do List Ep. 1)

Maker's Microfibre Cloths: to our backyard and the very first episode of The Honey-Do List - a new series of videos where we tackle some of the more complicated jobs that need to be done around the CMS HQ (our home). In this video, Chad completes an DIY backyard makeover for Melissa's birthday patio party!COMMENT QUESTION: What Makeover or Renovation Should We Do Next?Follow Chad on Instagram: for a Cleaner Life! MAKEOVER: The Honey-Do List*** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! ***Melissa: My Space: START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! ***YouTube: Microfibre Cloths: Channel: Channel:CHECK OUT THESE RELATED VIDEOS! ***HOME PRODUCTS WE LOVE: Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute: Caddy: Oils: Friend: Bottles: Free & Gentle Detergent: Bronner's Castile Soap: Dishwasher Detergent: Squeegee: Comments? We'd love to hear from you - say hello down below!A video by Chad Reynolds

Pop up Display Stands | How to set up your 3x3 Pop up stand with counter and lights by XL Displays

Complete set up of a 3x3 Pop Up exhibition stand, from unpacking the case to installing the graphic panels and spot lights. This tutorial video shows you every aspect of how to set up a Pop Up display stand in preperation for your exhibition, trade show or marketing event in 10 minutes!About our Pop Up Display stands:With the ability to go in the back of any car, the Pop Up display stand is the ultimate large format portable display stand.5 different size options are available in both curved Pop Up and straight Pop Up designs. The sizes are worked out by the number of box sections i.e. all pop ups have 3 box sections high and then either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sections wide providing you with a 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 or 3x5 popup sizes.The pop up stand are secured together using magnetic storks in the centre of the frame and then snap fitting magnetic bars will give the pop-up stand its integral strength prior to assembling the printed graphic panels.All XL Displays printed display products are printed with the highest possible photographic standard printing; using a 320 micron vinyl stoplight and then over laminated on both sides of the printed pop-up panels using a matt crystal laminate which can be wiped clean.Our full range of Pop Up display stands:Pop Up stand shown here is a 3x3 Curved Pop Up:all your printed and portable display requirements, please visit our website: