DowSil (Dow Corning) 7092 High Green Strength Adhesive and Sealant

DGE is launching a new Silicone Adhesive. Here you can see a demonstration of the new Dow Corning® 7092 High Green Strength Adhesive and Sealant, which is a new 1K (RTV) adhesive. Its main feature is to provide high initial strength allowing the movement of the blank while the silicone cures.Subscribe to our channel:If you liked the video and you want to see all the new products from our brands please subscribe to our YouTube cannel.Contact Us:

Siegfrid Claudio

Hunger Games?

Justine Puzin

Vive la France! 😂😂😂

Tyler Lochan

The peashooter looked cute.


Oce fergo Grow

I love your editing in your vids they make it look professional

Spoon tan

This game is amazing!

wayne dam

Know this song

Legend 27

That’s so fucking sad

Elizabeth Lemley



Pretty fucking stupid to let your boss shower with the most mentally unstable and dangerous "person" on the entire base, but hey, it's not metal gear without indescribable amounts of fan service.


They can throw a basketball really far!

Tess Williams

These slow-mo Marbles shots are a gift.

Gigi Moon

Omg ,I don't understand anything 😧is that normal??

Ricardo Milos

I try Happy Gilmoremore every time.

Jennifer Moss

Coby will win a battle at some point

Caleb Brekke

Top 5 funniest easter eggs

Juan Cecena

Film with dak prescott

but tbh the way its being colored its so pleasing to watch

kimberly bennett

You know your suppose to ask if you can record, some places let you record and others dont. And sorry I know its first time experience but if you think its disgusting find a place that meets your expectations because every hospital or clinic will be the same. Shyla you are way to high maintenance your barely in your first trimester, you act like your in your third trimester.

Nicolas weed

Amazing Editing as Always.


Say the n word

Lilly Zoe

She: I have depression, I felt destroyed but then I got a dog and I'm so much better now Her mother is so right!😂😂😂😂

John Wilson

Electro mechanical engineer must have been difficult having multi-millionaire f**** parents to become a millionaire

Abraham Lincoln

I don’t care if your gay or lesbian, I’m not gonna treat you differently. People who are mean to gay and lesbian, are just stupid.


“why you shouldn’t fear death” jokes on you i WANT death everyday

joneken Wong

I bet he is angry because Spiderman lied to him, and he is his enemy.

Gabriel Bueno

Os BR que comanda

Iced Pancakes



i fucking cried.


The Easter eggs in this game are to obv imo


YNW Messi

I think that the 2 pop outs are gonna need 🚒

midnight cheesecake girl

6 10


The chest is not an Easter Egg. It is the inventory of the trader in Dawnstar. If you wait 24 hours after you get things from the chest more stuff will appear and you can keep doing this for as long as you want.




2022 Winter Olympics anyone

Taylor Hinds

Hi I’m Taylor I’m a huge fan of u and I drink 6 cups of coffee a day I sleep and try to portray my dream as a YouTuber I love u so much plz read ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Snowflake The3leggedbabby

Want a cookie?

Krazzy Kittyz

nope 2019 (dab)


At 2:47 i warn u about this ghost figure.he can be appear (if your on finish area he will be appear few sec)at any ghost levels on 4-4, 6-3, 8-4 , S4-2 and i need to find more ghost levels in Special worlds(p.s. plz note me if u finish all special worlds that theres more ghost levels)

My icon in the minimap

Yolo Gaming


Royal Legend919

you wanna bisket