Gordon Ramsay Can't Handle Chefs CONSTANT Bickering | Hell's Kitchen

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Ann sucks to have... I lost all of my friends and got kicked out of my mom's house because of it. I lost everything due to Ann. I can't even go to a restaurant without feeling dizzy and having a clenched chest. I can never have a normal conversation without making it awkward or me not looking the person in the eye. It's hard, very hard. Constantly thinking, no talking. Debating whether or not to go somewhere hoping it isn't filled with people. Afraid to say something stupid or do something. Never am I ever not thinking or being afraid. I'm scared of being judged to the point where I don't want to bother.

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Fire Master

This is to sad but ur bully became ur wife weird tho



this is basketball dumbass


6:19 when the woman inside you takes over. I read he got wife and kids.. that makes him look even creepier... there's something disturbing bout this man, probably his being gay is the only good thing he has. Creepy

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3:22 watch the blackdoor. you’ll see it 😂😂



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Blue jays

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7:19 Ethan and Emma OMG sooooooo cuteeeeeeee

Kari Hartsock

They are so fucking fake

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Let’s take the time to thank the man who gave up his wheelchair for the girl

Shania Karim

So many things going on the screen but not a single clue about what's exactly happening! Nice training from #Endgame

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That not fair coby hit him you didn’t say it had to pop that stupid

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Guillermo needs to go to the NHL media day it would be sick

The one above me is a fucking cunt


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Is anyone watching this in 2016 2017 or 2018

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Why are they trying to make this like it's the culmination of 22 movies. Like stfu

I yeeted my bullies new pairs of Jordans out of the window in a fire ant pile

Guinn/lilli Broussard

I’m watching this again but this was the first ever dude perfect video I saw