Healthy Morning Ritual (How Top Performers Start Their Mornings)

HEALTHY MORNING RITUAL (HOW TOP PERFORMERS START THEIR MORNINGS)Are you in a rut and trying to find a way to be more productive?Best Self Co shows you how to create a healthy morning routine through morning meditation, morning affirmations, and more. By doing this every morning, motivation will come more naturally than you’ll think. You’ll soon see why the morning rituals of successful people make sense and will bring about your own healthy motivation.More Motivating Videos To Help You Reach Your Goals:Achievable Goals: Smart Goal Setting And Planning - Procrastinating And Plan Your Day For Productivity - hi on social:Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: us out outline at and grab your own Self Journal at

Laurenz Schuster

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Why would anyone blackmail you? ... Why would anyone say that this is friends with benifits? This is when I didn't feel myself. I wasn't happy anymore. I even forgot the time when I was happy with the person. So I ended it. Ik this isn't as bad as someone physically hurting you but this isn't healthy

Saint Belligerant

So cringe


Damn we already at 8k... I'm still on 1080p

Amy Luong

And... Be yourself, don’t say your a bad person! Your not a bad person!

Jeddy Bear

As an epileptic diagnosed 11 years ago, I find this beyond relatable because I went through the same thing at 12 years old. If you're someone with a lifelong condition, don't let it slow you down. I know Some days are harder than others. Do your best and hang in there 🖤

The crying baby


I have to ask @FunWithGuru, how do you find these? You find things so small that don't even seem like Easter eggs, stuff that many people would never find. When you're exploring the game world, do you just make note of various items then go back and research a possible significance? What is your process? I'm intrigued by these all these that you find and am just curious. :)

Annoying as hell


I didn’t care about the gender


I was excited to see kawhi

Ņø Øņē

i didn't understand anything


guru, in the mario easter egg, if you find a way to get over the walls there is a warpzone, wich is a reference to th e second level where you jump above the level bricks and walk till you find the warp pipes

Sharon nekopandalicornio

La primera es de la chica que se volvia anciana y luego joven ?

Jonn Voxx •

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Auggie Hueseman

what kind of drone do you use??

Casey Fritz

Your the best to me

Protato 589

This is Jake Paul•_• -|- /\He has 5000 health.1 like = 1 damageHow close can we get.


More like get 0 right to get $100

Gabe Chavez

Ty's name was already on the ball

Abi Abi

At 0:09 tyler was wearing a saints hat and the shirt my favorite team nfl

E N1

that ending. i delete my game after i heard that dialogue


where's stephen curry he is the best one out there



Manly Comet

"There is rotten egg on moon? I thought it was made out of cheese!" -Nikolai