Lyrebird mimic construction sounds

Mimic Lyrebird

Grimm Reaper

Me and my mom said you didn't help him cheate if you didn't know

Nicholas Harris

rip minion

Gaming Lagoon

Nice Easter eggs man. I still kinda hate the fact that halo 2 is the only halo I haven't beat.

Jamilee VandenBrink

One of my coworkers claims she's a 'little bit' BPD and man do I gotta disagree with that. She's a lot BPD, and working with her can be a living nightmare. After working with her for three years and having her blow up and scream at me whenever something goes wrong I've given up trying to deal with her and just emotionally shut down and give her the most minimal responses I can politely give and trust me, she hates it. I know because she has a habit of calling up her husband and ranting to him awful I am for not wanting to talk with her while I am standing maybe ten feet away from her and she's damn near yelling it too so I don't know why it's such a surprise to her that I don't want to be her BFF. I guess she just believes that because trying to suck up to me on her 'good' days means I owe her friendship. I have mad respect for people with this disorder who are trying to get help, it's just the ones who won't get help or try to change their behavior that I can't stand.

Mexican Parisite

Just land in water



Eagle Strike

I challenge Tyler to a wrestle off


Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. My family laughs at me when I tell them that I sometimes want to die. If I say I have depression? They will laugh at me and say that I’m over dramatic. Fuck that. They think I just want attention. That’s something I never get and that’s ONE of the many reasons why I have depression.


Giulia M

All this feelings, but... you know you are a miracle. Surviving falling from 14000 feet IS a miracle.


The Road is such a creepy movie! I love it so much, it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

Ethan Loeffler

dude perfect is super cool


3 videos in 3 days!?! I may have had only 5 hours of sleep in those 3 days but it was worth it. Well, it might not have been actually, I'll think about it. So 343 Industries finally put in some interesting stuff for us to find, after the disappointment that was Halo 4's lack of easter eggs. They're not quite Bungie good, but they did a pretty good job. I hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for watching1

Wolfie Demøn

I want to be who i am

Geometry Dash Xenon

"Boy if you don't get"


Guys period puns arent funny, period.

aekarin borrirak

What did the foster 'dad' do??



My friend has suffered way worse bullying than "Mean words"


Nice shot, but he is shooting from highground. He will not be able to make the shot. Same distance, but on same level

Alice Mina

The people who created that diet website should be arrested


es calladita, inculto


Literally never watched one of these videos in my life but Youtube is recommending this to me HARD.


This is horrible i wish this happens to noone its so sad the dad is working so hard i really hope we can find a way in the futur to cure paralysation this is truly a tragedy

Jason So

Welp, time to call MatPat and tell him we have more theory fodder just in...



Tammy Crabtree


Nguyet Nguyen


axelle magny

It's trending in france !!!!!

Chase Jason


shazim ghanny

Battle team edge

charlize rianne ♡

tom holland being a cutie for 3 minutes straight

Simpli Mike


Ilham Mohamed

Alaïa looks so much like Elle in this!!!

Leora For Funsies

Jenna, visit a pet psychic with your doggos. Maybe they would like to let you know something




Dude ty have to chill when he was a rag monster and it make me cry


wow,you're quick.

Xxexotickillsx X

His hacking tale him seriously he’s hacking

Isa Mahmood


D'angelo Russell

Ezekiel looks like Kanye with hair


Whose watching in 2016

Opdude2k17 /Random Kid


Bahli Verhey

I really like your shows

Fernan gamer gamer

Video perfect

It’s like a very quiethigh pitch like very high pitch sound in my head

Searching for gnosis

is it alright to use this video

Amy Franks

Otober 18,2011 I was 1yrs old and 12 days old

maryam abdullahi

I understand I'm autistic too but I am a teenager right now

Retro0 3amin3

You guys should do Jim Carrie

Colors R Real, duh

#YIAYjob stripper

Batak Medan

05:18 head shot

James McCully

Right good wasn't just me who was weirded out by Bond shagging a sex slave then

Mizsei Tamás

Very nice to write jumpscares, you saved my life many times! Here, you got my sub.!