SubFloor Adhesive Test - SmartBond vs PL400

My first MythBusters style video!We are pulling apart Advantech Subfloor decking that's been glued down with PL400 & DAP SmartBond subfloor adhesives.We had fun making this video, hope you enjoy it!Best, Matt Risinger

Catching giant barracudas Is my life

5:24 I trusted you! Everyone laughs

Janiero Policarpio

i'm team cody

Alfaya Arbi

Do soccer trickshots


"She's right. I'm not good enough for him. I'm not good enough for anyone. I'm nothing special and I'll only complicate his life or hold him down like an anchor. That's all I really am. An anchor." - My thoughts everyday... :'(

Alex Briggs

How was this 6 years ago?


I know where bass pro shop is

BaBaye yeh

Hilarious true comedy

The Raddest Ruddin

She did give in what are you talking about did she even listen to her own story?

Willow HEART

I saw the first few seconds in already hateing this guy how dare he say "dont call me an aninal" that is highly offensive to animals he should be ashamed of himself. Aninals mate to keep their species alive cause us damn humans are killin them. So back off dude animals done nothin but try their best to not go extint if it werent for them You and all of youre wifes would be dead.


I dont think an open relationship would be that bad. Like if my parents were in an open relationship I wouldn’t really mind

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It’s Emely

It’s not fault I’m ugly and fat and can’t dance but it’s my dream or is it my fault?

Mom:nuu school foe yo!!!!!!!!!!

10,000 subscribers without Any videos challenge!

Dads know best as aways.

Beauty Queen06

This is so

Spyjes13 42

guru kid 7:51


The secret annotations is a bit unfair,you cannot see them on mobile.

fortnite aquaman

Put the sharks back

Michael Lia

Team Tyler!

anoymous s

Best is grenade

Ibarra Bagani Legarda

This is trash


best videos ever

Shannon Adkins

You should do capture the flag.


how much stuff did you break by throwing balls around store?

Anakin Hooke

2:44 best acting ever


Cody passes supply crate and opens it



Ry McGamer


igor goldman

She said im safer on the streets so many times!


I just wanted to say that this is the Polish game

Bonjourno Deano

I deleted the game 10 minutes after buying it because I was worried about the health of my iPhone. Definitely a rage monster ha!

Loai Pubg

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Caden Klinger

403rd comment


Thore Kabo

10 bonsisbbb

Youre Owned

At 5:59 you can see a ghost flying . I dont know if that is normal but


It works like all of these kind of videos. I can try 1000 times and will hit at least once ( I imagine these guys need much less shots). Still pretty cool though!


So this is suggesting that vaping could later prove to be harmful to your health. Interesting expression. A bit long winded for a simple message.

Kaela VandenBosch

my favorite is the where is my cup guy

네,저는 못생겼어요.그리고

2018 November? :)

btw i'm biracial

jose pinto carpano


Logical Hater

10x harder 🔥

Brody boy 24

Or Cory

Edward Garcia

Tijuana 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jared Morrow


Jason Licitra

Where is the best place to download Blood? I recently got interested in the game, but I can't find a place to download it from. Any help would be appreciated. I may play it some day, wen becomes free or something lmao


How to trick an idiotRead more


Your stupid

And in such a video you haven't touched on where and how the animal lived and what it ate. You can't compare sick cow from a industry farm, eating GMO corn and soy with a healthy cow from a pasture - with omega-3 fats.