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Join Dinosaurs for incredible kid-friendly videos. Enter the prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. See them hunt and battle. See them roam in massive herds. Go back in time and experience what dinosaur life was like.Watch more great science videos at

DJ Plays

I'm waiting for the Dolan Twins to upload so I'm REFRESHING THE PAGE to see if anything pops up.... Wish me Luckk

Swords of Luck

Girl: "He's not gay" The jazz player

Colgate Minuette

they could have made the Skateboard USB into a Snowboard USB

Forget about it.. all we would hear is illuminati numerology

Royal Carpet

Fortnite sucks

Dinger Clan

Hole in the wall

Emma Hewitt

Discovered this by accident but this was amazing!

Pisces HitEm

Honestly fuck those abusive assholes. This story makes me cry, because this is not alright.

Geoff De Beenhouwer

How's the gameplay? I didn't play JC2 that often because of the long travelling aspect. Is that a problem in this one?



Johan Hernandez

My friend got raped

Dimitur Nikolov

That was a good video. I liked it. Democracy is an obsolete system and we need to change it with something better like Resource Based Economy!

Render The Great

God damn I love you Guru

Emmanuel Ulises Vargas

Those arent quesadillas those are sincronizadas m8

Yamie Boi

Last kitten is fluffy

Jonathan Griffis


John David Hall

Atlanta Braves

April S

You guys need to make a dude sons or nitro circus video

Zoe DePaul

so many people have phones wtf why cant we go back to the old days where we walked miles for water and chased our food?

It's gotta be your love that I'm running on 9:40

Tim Kujala

2:45 Hahaha Lebron

Andrew Gostomski

Gar didnt have a chance because he was taking the extra time to switch guns, whereas Ty kept the same gun through the whole course


Playing on Iphone 6s?

caleb hensel

i can't even throw a basketball that far.

Carter Lepre

Why does Cody have an accent???

Grayson Black

So sorry sweetheart

Shockwave princess

I get it his mother affected the way he sees women so obviously he thinks less attractive girls are an easy way to feel good about himself so she thought that was the way to survive in the world of dating

No, I don't have a life.

Emanuel Yip

Can i have one of those drift carts?

Bella Turnock

let’s set a $500 limit

Haiku Trash

4:40 same happened to me lol.

maria mahoney

kane and lynch at the shooting range in the background it says coming soon maybe third game 

Christian Smith

Ty ur mean

Mystic Jaii

Ty is not the same without his beard



Niguel Ross

Do does glass bottle hurts y'all head

Sakura H. Uchiha

That happend to me once but my friend and some of the crowd know or notice but once someone touch my butt i act fast and kick at his butt then i leave and then after i kicked him i just (remembered) notice he was the boy at the other classroom and then i told his teacher about it and he said nothing and just go back to his seat


I'm here cause of Joe Budden 💯👍🏾

Elizabeth Flanagan

My name is molly

erica raiford