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Alex MotoVlog

Eles ficam fazendo isso 4786268 vezes até acertar

Jacob Carattini

7:04 wait that's mine!


One week without shower isn't all that bad if you have the right kinda hygiene supplies!

Kyrian Cruz

Oh no 666 the devil is opon us!

Cody. Put in watch later

ParkerBOSS89 G

If coby won would he technically win a battle

raymond solorio

Your best at trick shots

Priscilla Robles

😍😍😍never disappointing


seems like she doesn't have everything...someone to hold all four of her giant shopping bags.


101 people who sucky suck


KD is not Lebron... he doesnt have a kyrie.. no way in hell this gsw coming back from 3-1. all these analysts are just creating stories because they have nothing to talk about..

The Libertarian Conservative Vyonder

While I hate Harry Potter to be honest I find this is a beautiful and true story

animal 86

all panda videos are hilarious, I cant help but watch them over and over again


sir, i will have trouble sleeping w/out knowing what your pic is, is it a cucumber, a dinosaur or beast boy from teen titans, please dont take this has a offence,i am just curious

Nugget Sosauge

Honestly if you are 4 and you see police practically all the time then I think they would be afraid of the police and they wouldn’t call for help if they needed them because of their past with the police...

Chubby Chubby Chipmunk

That's not a silver bullet

Mark L'Estrange

There is no single answer to diet. In Devon where I am there is plenty of ecologically managed and sustainable game meat. No fat, the best welfare for the animal and required to be culled so we still have trees and crops. In your particular environment the answer may be different.

Keynan Martinez

The scariest part of this video is...

Menina DoMato

What are all these people? Babies? The guy did nothing bad. This is why I say all sports fans are childish morons.

Eli Chika

You say she was “ seeking attention” when you said something like “I think people wanted to be my friend since I have so much power”

Frosty Alpha

is this dude perfect or mr.beast?

Me the artist

My parents are so stressed with work and always on their computers. They never have time to talk to me. I know I should wait until my Mom has her break in a weeks time but my anxiety is getting really bad and I've been on the edge of a panic attack for the past three nights. I am feeling really anxious right now and I want my parents support but again they are too busy. What should I do?

Sub to PEWDS

1:38 my fav


hahaha HAS to be fake if its real WOW i am amazed!

Mitsu Chan

And people ask me why I think school can be fucking messed up.

Me:since when has money been before me in the dictionary?:- ( p_q)


Spider man and Loki in one video yes please (edit) : um wow I never get any likes on comments thanks!


Marcos Guiardinu Vlogs

oh no my mesh made boat has holes slaps on flex tape

Margaret Mcdonagh

when ryder when you blew up the bridge you go the a container with an invisable red thingymagicy

Liana Barman

Loved dis song 😘😘..Asher.. Ur voic is super 🙃🙃..n Annie too 😘

A Tree

Is It Me or 4:57 The Voice Change?

idonthave aname

May 2019?

p.s. make tiny whisk merch

Summer Martin


Taylor Hanson

Sling shot