Tim Minchin - Dark Side (Awesome Version)

Tim Minchin's 13 minute extended Live version of Dark Side (and probably the best version) from his 'Are You Ready For This?' Tour.Awesome in every way!Enjoy.For all official Tim Minchin stuff. (Which this isn't, I'm just a fan)Please be decent and visit or his official fan site at


I learn more off this channel then school

Yanny Zanchez


Ty Mathis

It seemed like the last shot was the furthest bowl in the world

Bananatree 902

you so cool..................hahaha

Alive Gorilla


axel wikberg

You forgot 2204355. Thats The most WTF easter egg on google

Felix Jahn

I really loved the papers please and the watch dogs 2 easter eggs.

naufal dubai

I hate Tyler


Ty literally did all of the shots!

trocko 02

Anybody watching in 2016


2019 anyone?


Odd future and Mf Doom songs in this video lol

mik paule


Devante' Porter

Thank you so much for the content

Kathy Gilbert

Anna:I won't let anything happen to herElsa diesAnna:shoot

Gerardo Romano

wow me encantan tus vídeos. i like your vídeos. from spain ;)

Rohit Dulku

7 years!

Dwight Lives Matter

I’m glad I’m not the only one who found out years ago that HP had some nice sounding scenes. Thanks for posting.

Milkyway Anime


Me: (0-0)


@MrRinooooo I never did anything like that and i have 12k subs and over 3 million video views. Enjoy what you do and keep working at it and learn as you go along. You will eventually get more known.

Person: OK fantastic thank you

Trxgic Pxsts Msp

Yayyyyy!!! 🖤🖤

Cole Allen

they should do a lacrosse one


I pray for her 💕


Oh, this Max character. Always trying to find his own stupid angle. Always creating some idiotic narrative. Why can‘t he just be less annoying. It‘s not that hard. Just let your seat be a place of silent reflection, man!

Draven Russell

My cat wakes me up by standing on my face and nuzzling my head l love her❤️❤️

Jon Nettles

You should do a madden19 games with consequences 👍


This Video made Me Cry but I really hope you stay strong and stay strong forever