Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend Play Restaurant on Kids Power Wheels!!!

Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend Play Restaurant on Kids Power Wheels ride on car! Fun play Food toys video for kids with Ryan ToysReview!!! Ryan also opens fun surprise toys!!!

Ryan found a Secret door in the shoe closet!!

Ryan found a Secret door in the shoe closet! Fun Pretend Play to see who's inside the door with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan tries to find the wand to unlock the door!

13 Creepiest Abandonned Soviet Era Places

From CREEPY Train Stations, to some mega monuments; These are 13 Creepiest Abandoned Soviet Era Places ! Subscribe to American Eye Mongolian Air BaseAlthough it wasn’t official, Mongolia was basically a part of the Soviet union but they didn’t want to seem to seem imperialistic and put the Chinese on alert. With communist countries on both sides, it was heavily influenced by both powerful nations, but acted as a satellite nation to the USSR. In the 1970’s this airbase was added and was seen as a way to protect themselves in case there was any territorial disputes with China and here we see this statue with a fighter jet. These armored aircraft shelters, you see in this photo were made to protect expense aircraft from potential attacks and are designed with reinforced concrete. This random statue which is now close to a grazing pasture for cattle, has an inscription on it that states,”Glory to the Communist Party of Soviet Union. These large buildings housed the officers and their soldiers in this very isolated environment.5. Abandoned Missile FactoryThis young Russian girl by the name of Lana Sator, risked getting in huge trouble to take these photos of an abandoned Russian Missile factory near Moscow. Somehow, she claims that she didn’t come across one security guard. The Russians were excellent rocket and missile producers and it’s believed that this factory belonged to liquid fuel rocket manufacturers that constructed liquid fuel rockets for spacecraft. Here we see the complex machinery that was needed to make these things that send people to the final frontier. It’s still unsure whether or not this building is in service or not but the fact that she was able to get in so easily would lead to believe it’s abandoned. Whatever the case, we really hope Lana didn’t go to Russian prison or in a work camp in Siberia.4. Hungarian Train StationThis Iconic Soviet Style locomotive was built in 1941 and saw use during the Soviet Era. The communist red star symbol is proudly displayed in the front of the train. An urban explorer by the name of Rebecca Bathory captured these images while doing some urban exploring in the Hungarian countryside. She claims it was quite a spooky experience coming here to take photos and had never seen such an epic train in all her life. 3. Kharkov Tank Repair FacilityDo you need a place scrap up metal to build a tank with for the zombie apocalypse? This might be the place. Located in the Ukraine, this place was full of Soviet built T-80s, T-64s and T-72 tanks. Someone named Pasha broke into the abandoned facility to capture these great photos. Here we got tanks on tanks on tanks! There’s also tank engines, tank parts, wires, treads, and pretty much everything you can imagine that’s tank related is found here. It used to be place where a large amount of mechanics would repair tanks back to their former glory but as far as we can tell, the Ukraine isn’t doing anything with these tanks anymore.2. Abandoned Places of AbkhaziaThe territory of Abkhazia, located in the country of Georgia, was one of the most disputed territories in the Soviet Union. They constructed intimidating buildings in order to impose their rule. Here in this photo we see a factory that was left over during the Soviet era, and is left rusting in present times. You can see on the inside it’s still covered in debris and nothing here can be repaired This former government building has been neglected and on the inside you can easily see the staircase and walls littered with dust. The scenery around this train station is quite remarkable but the building itself is in deplorable condition. Old government buildings and other places still have soviet era propaganda located within Chernobyl Exclusion ZonePossible the most well known place on this list, the Chernobyl exclusion zone has been shut off from the public due to radioactive contamination. So extreme tourists normally have to pay a hefty fee to the right people for a quick tour. The most populated city in this zone was the city of Pripyat just two miles for the power plant where the disaster took place. This city housed 50,000 people, including wealthy scientists and the ones who worked at the Chernobyl power plant. The bumper cars here were once a popular attraction for the families of the workers here.Very few dare to actually venture off to the power plant but Pripyat is safe but only for a few hours. Nature has began to thrive and reclaim this land once again. Some graffiti artists managed to break in here and painted this wall with a creepy looking baby. Very few were prepared for something like this and valuables were left behind like we see from this teddy bear with no owner. The hallways of these abandoned apartment buildings seem like the perfect setting for a horror film. This ferris wheel never saw any actual riders and was set to open a week before the meltdown.

Automate Document Workflow with Google Docs, Gmail, Google Forms, and Sheets

Create professional looking and sophisticated documents including personalized business letters, student test results, customer invoices, event tickets, vendor contracts, purchase orders, and more with Document Studio.This video explains how to use Google Forms as an order form and generate a PDF invoice that is sent to the customer via Mail Merge. The documents and email messages can include QR Codes, Google Maps images, PayPal payment links in your invoices, Download Document Studio: Studio Tutorials: Tutorial: Policy:


Welcome to Roblox Paper Ball Simulator where we throw balls for cash?! Can we get 500 Likes?Twitch: Store: Channel: "TRASH = CASH" down below to make people think you are weird in the comments section, But don't tell them why!! Only true fans will do this!!!

Construction Simulator 3 - #4 The New Big Project - Advanced House Construction - Gameplay

on iPhone Developer: astragon Entertainment GmbHStore: Simulator 3 returns to Europe! Discover an idyllic European town in the sequel to the popular Construction Simulator 2 and Construction Simulator 2014 with officially licensed vehicles by famous brands: Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat, Palfinger, STILL, MAN, ATLAS, Bell, BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG, HAMM AG and MEILLER Kipper. Take on diverse and challenging contracts. Build and repair roads and houses. Shape the skyline of your city and expand your vehicle fleet. Discover a completely new map and unlock new contracts and vehicles with your growing company.CONSTRUCTION SIMULATOR GOES EUROPEExplore a 3,2km² map, lovingly designed to resemble the idyllic Alpine foothills and play in three different districts: The village where you establish your company, a spacious industrial area and a modern town. Use the time between jobs to explore the freely drivable open world.BRAND NEW FEATURES: LIEBHERR LB28 & COCKPIT VIEWEnjoy the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig for bridge construction for stable and deep foundations during bridge construction and other exciting missions! Another feature long-awaited by many fans is the cockpit view. Now you can enjoy Construction Simulator 3 from the inside of every vehicle and get a first hand feel of what it's like to take control of epic machines!OVER 50 VEHICLES BY 14 BRANDSA huge amount of vehicles is waiting for you! Choose the right machine for every job: Take on the challenges of road works and refurbishments with machines by Caterpillar, BOMAG or WIRTGEN GmbH, VÖGELE AG and HAMM AG. Available for the first time: The E55 compact excavator or the T590 compact track loader from Bobcat will make earth moving a walk in the park! Get behind the wheel of the MAN TGX truck to visit your local gravel pit or supply store and discover new heights with the Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane.OVER 70 NEW CONTRACTSProve your skills on the job: From small Bavarian style family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers - more than 70 challenging contracts demand all your skills and precision in Construction Simulator 3. Refurbish crumbling roads and use your large vehicle fleet to master every challenge. Shape the skyline of Neustein through your unique work!- Over 50 vehicles by 14 brands- New Cockpit view- Over 70 different contracts- Liebherr LB28 for e.g. bridge construction

Construction Sounds - Tearing Out Old Sheetrock Sound Effect Free High Quality Sound FX

All of my uploads have a Creative Commons License.I make sound FX for people to use in their projects.Film, YouTube Video, etc..I am offering this service because I myself know that it is tough to find good sound FX that are really 100% FREE!So go ahead and use them, give me credit if you want... or don't.It is up to you, but please do SUBSCRIBE as I have many more sounds to capture and share!Thanks for listening!!! Check out my other channels!Home Repair and How to Videos (The Fixer) - Original Songs and Slightly Offensive Humor (Tha Basement Boys) -

BRUDER EXCAVATOR threw track very bad! Tunnel CRACK 🚛 BRUDER RC TRUCKS

#Bruder RC #Trucks Videos for Children / Adults presenting BRUDER MAGOM HRC plus 4 different RC Excavators! Check out Jack's Tunnel Project 3.0, CRACK in Tunnel not good!feat. #RC-WORLD VOLVO 480 RC Earth Digger & MAGOM HRC Scania 8x8 and MAGOM Mercedes Arocs 6x6 RC,also HUINA Excavators HuiNa 570 & HuiNa 400 Metal RC Excavator Broken Disassemble Charging RC Car Model Toys;Look at more BRUDER RC videos: WORLD BRUDER TOY UNIVERSE;allGlory2theLORDjesus!

How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.Check out more TED Talks: TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more.Follow TED on Twitter: TED on Facebook: to our channel:

Dawn of Man | Ep. 13 | Ancient Warfare - FINAL BATTLE | Dawn of Man City Building Tycoon Gameplay

👍 99% of viewers don't show their love! Leave a like to support us!💖Big Fan? Join Raptor Here: 👕 MERCH: SUPPORT: Media Links📷 Instagram: Facebook :Steam: Mods (1 Game Per Tab)with Raptor: Discord: Out & SupportLivestream📺 ScheduleEquipment 🖥️ PC Spec Listthanks for reading the description for more info on the community. Since you read this far, comment 'Read Description!' and I will 💖 your comments! Videos may be more frequent and playthroughs completed based on your views & likes! It helps to know what you want to see the most! Thanks!JOIN RAPTOR HERE:

Relaxing rain

This is another relaxing sound. This time it's rain, but there is also some background noise in form of cars and other noises, which only adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Listen to this while trying to fall asleep, or while reading/studying/anything else where you have to concentrate.You can also combine this relaxing rain with some music - personally I can recommend some chilly jazz music. This relaxing rain is best when being listened to through a high quality pair of headsets or headphones.Credits for the audio goes to Corsica_S, who provided and own the rights to this great high quality recording of relaxing rain in the night.

Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

Build your website for 10% off at to Half as Interesting (The other channel from Wendover Productions): the Wendover Productions t-shirt: out my personal channel: Wendover Productions on Patreon: sam@wendover.productionsReddit: by Josh SherringtonSound by Graham Haerther (by Simon BuckmasterSpecial thanks to Patreon supporters Alec Watson, Andrew J Thom, Braam Snyman, Bryan Yip, Chris Allen, Chris Barker, Connor J Smith, Daddy Donald, Etienne Dechamps, Eyal Matsliah, Hank Green, Harry Hendel, James Hughes, James McIntosh, John & Becki, Johnston, Keith Bopp, Kelly J Knight, Ken Lee, KyQuan, Phong, manoj kasyap govindaraju, Plinio Correa, Qui Le, Robin Pulkkinen, Sheldon Zhao, Simen Nerleir, Tim RobinsonChina airspace time-lapse courtesy FlightRadar24.comAir China 747 landing shot courtesy ZurichAirportSpotterChina Eastern 737 takeoff shot courtesy PDX AviationTibet railway shots courtesy Steven Chen and PK LongMusic by footage courtesy the AP Archive

Funniest Animals Scaring People Reactions of 2019 Weekly Compilation 🐘🦛🦦 Funny Pet Videos

Thanks For Watching! Please Like Share & Comment If You Like This Video ! Subscribe CUTE BABIES AND PETS to get newest interesting video: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Funny KIDS vs ZOO ANIMALS are WAY FUNNIER! 🙈🐅🦁 TRY NOT TO LAUGHme :* Pinterest : * Twiter : * Facebook :---------------------------------------------------------------------------COPYRIGHT ISSUES: Please contact us by [ ]You can also share your pet videos here: Thanks for watching video ! Don't forget subscribe my channel#reaction #scare #freakout

Police Cars, Helicopter, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Bicycle, Taxi Cars Toys Review Learn Name for kids

How to create a look a like brick wall

I video about how to create a brick wall out of joint filler and paint

Truck Driver Salary in Canada (2018) - Wages in Canada

Check out the 2018 salaries for truck drivers in Canada by province: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon. #TruckDriverSalary #WagesInCanada #TruckDriverInCanada #JobsInCanada #SalarioDeTraileroMore videos on Truck Driver salaries in Canada:Truck Driver Salary 2019: Driver Salary 2017:

Play Doh • Tostowe szaleństwa • E0039 • Hasbro

Cieszę się, że tu jesteś! Masz ochotę na wesołą zabawę z Play Doh?Świetnie!Na kanale • Poziomka • czeka na Ciebie mnóstwo atrakcji. Zobaczysz:❤️ kreatywne zestawy z ciastoliną Play-Doh,❤️ #bajki dla dzieci,❤️ edukacyjne gry i #zabawki dla najmłodszych.Przenieść się w kolorowy świat zabawek #PlayDoh.Czy wiesz, że:zabawa ciastoliną Play Doh pobudza wyobraźnię, rozwija sprawność manualną i pomaga w nauce.Z ciastoliną Play Doh nie sposób się nudzić. Dobra zabawa z Play-Doh nigdy się nie kończy. Jedyne co Cię ogranicza to własna wyobraźnia.Producentem oryginalnej ciastoliny Play Doh jest #Hasbro.

How to Install a New Toilet

Watch the full episode: Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to help a homeowner install a new toilet.Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: List for Installing a New Toilet:- Two-piece toilet [Toilet seat [Wax toilet ring [Shutoff valve [Stainless-steel water-supply line [Emery cloth [used to clean copper pipe- Shallow pan [or small bucket [for catching water spills- Cloth rag [for plugging the drainpipe- Closet flange [with closet bolts [used to secure the toilet to the drainpipe- PVC drainpipe and fittings [PVC primer [and cement [used to glue the PVC drainpipe and fittings- Masonry screws [for screwing the flange to a tile floorTools List for Installing a New Toilet:- Drill/driver [Screwdriver [Internal pipe cutter [used to cut PVC drainpipe- Hammer [and cold chisel [for chipping off thinset mortar- Tubing cutter [used to cut copper pipe- Two adjustable wrenches [for tightening the compression fitting- Pliers [used to tighten threaded fittings- Wrench [for tightening the nuts on the toilet-tank bolts- Carbide-tipped masonry bit [for drilling through tile- Mini hacksaw [used to trim the closet boltsSteps for Installing a New Toilet:1. Turn off the water at the meter.2. Open all faucets on the upper level of the house, then open the tub or shower valve in the bathroom where you're installing the toilet.3. Use emery cloth to buff clean the copper pipe stub-out protruding from the wall.4. Put a shallow pan or a small bucket under the pipe stub-out to catch any water.5. Use a tubing cutter to cut the pipe stub-out to the proper length.6. Slip a new shutoff valve onto the pipe stub-out, then tighten the compression fitting with two adjustable wrenches.7. Close all the faucets and valves opened in Step 2.8. Turn the water back on at the meter.9. Temporarily plug the toilet's PVC drainpipe with a rag to block out sewer gases.10. Trim the PVC drainpipe to the proper height using a drill/driver fitted with an internal pipe cutter.11. Use a hammer and a cold chisel to chip away any excess thinset mortar from around drainpipe.12. Glue a new closet flange onto the drainpipe with PVC primer and cement, then insert two closet bolts into the slots in the flange.13. Drill through the mounting holes in the flange and into the ceramic tile with a carbide-tip masonry bit.14. Secure the flange to the floor with masonry screws.15. Bolt the toilet tank to the toilet bowl, making sure to install the included rubber gasket between the two parts.16. Attach the toilet seat to the toilet bowl with the two included plastic bolts.17. Press a wax toilet ring onto the closet flange, then remove the rag from the drainpipe.18. Set the toilet over the closet bolts protruding from the flange. Press down on the toilet to compress the wax ring.19. Place the washers and nuts onto each closet bolt and alternately tighten each nut with a wrench. Do not overtighten the nuts.20. Use a mini hacksaw to trim each bolt.21. Snap the included plastic cap onto each closet bolt.22. Tighten one end of a stainless-steel water-supply line to the shutoff valve. Connect the other end to the fitting on the underside of the toilet tank.23. Open the shutoff valve to fill the toilet tank with water.24. Put the lid on the tank, then flush the toilet to check your work.Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook:

Rated E for Irrelevant - Scott The Woz

Scott goes over his thoughts on those letters on the game boxes.Twitter: Used:"Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto IV"Happy-Go-Lively" by Laurie Johnson"Rolling Badguys" from Lethal Enforcers"Stage 1" from Splatterhouse 3"Cornered" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney"Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1" from Sonic Mania"Mini Boss" from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island"Emerald Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2"Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"Mad Maze Maul" from Donkey Kong 64"Intermission from Doom" from Doom"Turnabout Sisters" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

Renaissance Lute John Dowland Album

How To Install Natural Stone On Step Porch - Amazing Contruction Worker Creative Satisfying

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Waterfall & Jungle Sounds 24/7 Beautiful Nature Sounds, Relaxing, Sleep, Meditation, Healing, Study

class="metadata-updateable-description" Relaxing nature sounds, birds singing in the morning forest. Sit down and relax with soothing water sounds and a birds singing in the background. This video can be used for meditation, deep sleep, stress relief, study, yoga or relaxation, for music therapy.

SAP PS Overview Tutorial

For complete SAP PS Video training visit;

Dollar Store Foam House....NO HOTWIRE!

📐 Tools & Supplies I Recommend: the "Fellowship" on Patreon: a BMC Shirt: #Episode141In this video I build a small wattle and daub style house using dollar store foamcore and simple tools. A great looking cheap solution for tabletop gaming. ---------------------------------------------------------------------➳Facebook: Join the Tabletop Crafters Guild:

Gluing wood to aluminum: 4 common glues tested

Short (ish) video comparing how well or poorly four different common adhesives bond aluminum to wood (specifically maple). Bonus content at the end of the video where I test JB weld in an steamy edge butt-joint wood-on-wood action. Skip to 2:30 if you don't want to hear me flapping my yap, and just want to get to the tests.My contribution links:Background music by my band Solamors, you can contribute by buying a copy on bandcamp.com, or iTunes, Google Play, etc etc:SUBSCRIPTION:CONTRIBUTION:LINK:(under construction at the moment)

Blippi at a Children's Museum | Educational Learning Videos for Kids

Blippi shows you a children's museum where you will learn colors and more! This play place is a learning playground for kids with Blippi. Your child will learn at this hands on children's museum where Blippi showcases the educational exhibits. This is a great Blippi educational video for toddlers and kids. Watch more Blippi videos and Blippi songs at Blippi youtube playlist:for watching Blippi!

Lego Plane Money Fail - Airport

is a funny Lego Stop Motion Animation Film.Music: Youtube Audio Library

Excavator, Dump Truck, Construction Vehicles Toys

Excavator, dump truck, construction vehicles make blocks bridge for car friends toys.#excavator #toyforkids ⏩ SUBSCRIBE ▶ PLAYLIST ▶

Mapang-abusong agency

Inireklamo ng ilang guwardiya ang kanilang agency na tinutubuan pa sila kapag bumabali.Follow News5 and stay updated with the latest stories!Facebook: facebook.com/News5EverywhereTwitter: twitter.com/news5aksyonInstagram: @news5everywhereWebsite: news5.com.ph

What Can You Do With A Construction Management Degree? - Open The Door

What Can You Do With A Construction Management DegreeTrying to figure out what can you do with a construction management degree is similar to going to a library and asking if they have any books you can read. There is pretty much nothing that is not available to you,That does not mean that once you have a construction management degree that you are assured of any position you want, but it is a great first step ion the process.It simply opens the doors for you. It not only gives you a bachelor's degree but it provides a solid basis from which you can expand on.What can you do with a construction management degree? You now have thew ability to enter the construction industry and focus on what is interesting to you. Maybe that is doing the estimating, or purchasing for a construction firm. Perhaps it is dealing with building code or safety compliance through the inspection process. Or maybe you want to learn how it really gets put all together out in the field as a superintendent, or site manager.Whatever your area of interest, the answer to what can you do with a construction management degree is limitless within the construction world, maybe even learn how to become a construction manager!

7 Most Epic Transport Operations in History

TechZone ►homemade list top 5 top 10

중장비 그림판



You Laugh YOU LOSE or Try Not To LAUGH WHATEVER► SUB TO BE A BLOODY LEGEND!► Lazabum on TWITTER! - Video - ME!•Twitter -Instagram -Facebook - Song by -

04 PERT CPM Crashing example

In this video, you will learn how to crash a project in order to reduce the overall project completion time.If like this video please donate PAYTM 9422112581 UPI "9422112581@UPI"

10 Beautiful Nail Art Designs & Ideas

10 Beautiful Nail Art Designs & Ideas❤️Subscribe for a 🍪: ❤️All the clips inside this video were used with the consent of the original video creators. So please, go ahead and follow them on IG:ARE THE BEST OF "TOP 10 THINGS"Like this type of videos? Check out our other social media channels:🔴 Follow our instagram: @Top10ThingsToLike our fb page: Join our fb group:on our az store:Check out these playlists with more beautiful content:⇒ Nail Art Compilations: Lipstick Tutorial: Top 10 Things: LIFE HACKS: Oddly Satisfying: us your video links via email and we'll put them in our compilations! Email: theytsymbol@gmail.comCopyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved. theytsymbol@gmail.com#beautifulnailartdesigns #beautifulnailartideas #nailarttutorials

Szaszłyki Trzy Świnki -KuchniaKwasiora

Sklep KK: Original lub (ostra papryka, słodka papryka, pieprz, sól)-Ostry sos-Koncentrat pomidorowy-Olej

Skim Coat Ugly Textured Walls - Magic Trowel

How to skim coat ugly textured walls with a Magic Trowel.18" Magic Trowel to Skim Coat your Walls.My NEW Channel:

Watch Selleys Liquid Nails Instant Hold In Action

Selleys Liquid Nails in action - you won't believe the results!

Use forward and backward pass to determine project duration and critical path

Check out for more free engineering tutorials and math lessons!Project Management Tutorial: .Please support my work:PATREON | dollar is seriously appreciated and enables me to continue making more tutorials

Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations ft Reaction Time Infinite and Dangmattsmith

Check Out My Friends:Matt Smith: Lists: Time: and become part of the AzzyLand family :D Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations ft Reaction Time Infinite and DanmattsmithSIMILAR VIDEOS ► ►MEDIA•Instagram: SONG:

LOGIX ICF basement construction start to finish

LOGIX ICF basement construction @ Eagleville Saloon, Hotel_Restaurant_Bar

HACC Building Construction Management Webinar

Learn about HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College and its Building Construction Management Program. For more information about HACC visit www.hacc.edu.

Sasha plays a Fireman to the Rescue Friends and their Toys

Sasha turns into superheroes and a fireman to rescue friends and help them with her super power and super toysSmile Toys Review on Facebook -

Excavator, Dump Truck, Construction Vehicles Toys Playmobil Truck Toy learning Video for Kids

Toy UNBOXING Video for Kids Playmobil Excavator Dump Truck and Construction Vehicles Toys for Kids. Build play and learn with Lucy.Learn Colors and Vehicles Names for Kids Playmobil Truck Toy learning Video for Kids Songs Colors and Vehicles Names with Lego Duplo Truck Toy learning Video for Kids Songs for KidsTruck, Excavator, Police Car Toys Brio Truck Toy Learning Video for Kids Toy Unboxing VideoToys for Kids Learning Street Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids Truck Building BlocksSubscribe for Lucy Play&Learn

Look Smart and Feel Smarter With These Amazing Adulting DIY Hacks by Blossom

Try these amazing adult life hacks to look smart and feel even more smarter! Blossom presents super cool diy videos which you can create at home. Simple, quick and fun DIY arts and crafts which can be done at home! So what are you waiting for? Try them now!Blossom brings you Fun craft and DIY projects to complete with your little one. Enjoy our collection of fun and easy DIY tutorials! Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you make these easy DIY's and hacks with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today!Watch more amazing videos:Our Room Decor Videos:Awesome Hack Videos:

16. Portfolio Management

MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013View the complete course: Jake XiaThis lecture focuses on portfolio management, including portfolio construction, portfolio theory, risk parity portfolios, and their limitations.License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at

Children Educational Videos | Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs - Kids TV

Children Educational Videos by Kids TV - The nursery rhymes channel for kindergarten aged children. These kids songs are great for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and lots more. We are a one stop shop for your children to learn the many joys of nursery rhymes. Subscribe to our channel and be the first to watch our latest fun kids learning animations!Hello toddlers, Bob The Train is here to make your learning time easy and fun with these playful toys. Click on the link to explore the toys now! - Share this video – Children Educational Videos here’s the link: Subscribe for free now to get notified about new videos - Nursery Rhymes Karaoke Playlist - If you enjoyed this collection, you may also like these compilations: 🌸 Old Macdonald had a farm -The Wheels on the bus -🌸 Five little monkeys -Finger Family - Ten in the bed - Phonics Song - Incy Wincy Spider -English Wheels on the bus -Five little ducks -Johny johny yes papa - Humpty Dumpty -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Ten in the bed -rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills. These rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. We hope you’re having a fun time with all your friends here at Kids TV. If you enjoyed watching this video then check out our channel for many more interesting and fun learning videos for kids.If you’re still reading this far, we know you enjoy our animations but are always happy to hear from you on how we can improve and what you'd like to see in the pipeline! If you enjoy our content, don't forget to support us and subscribe :)Download the Bob the Train APP here:Bob The Train (Android & iOS): Adventures (Android & iOS): Kids Tv on:FB: First: 2017 USP Studios Private Limited============================================Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™Video: Copyright USP Studios™============================================

How and Why to Close a Project - Project Management Training

Before you start a new project, make sure you properly closed your last completed project. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how. To plan your next project, visit us at

Don't Choose the Wrong Door Challenge

Don't Choose the Wong Door Challenge with Ryan! Ryan plays with Mommy to see who wins at don't choose the wrong mystery door! Winner gets surprise toys!!! Then Ryan and Daddy playtoo!

Learn Colors with Construction Vehicle and Excavator Build Garage Toys Soccer Ball Slide for Kids

#MonsterTruck #LearnColors #StreetVehicleHello Friend, I am Monster Truck!The tractor has a nice garage.Excavator wants to have a garage.So the excavator will build a garage with other construction vehicles.Construction vehicles must find tools to build a garage.The tools are on a slide with a soccer ball pool.Let's go find it together.Monster Truck is a unique learning channel that teaches color to your Children!Don't forget to Subscribe & Like :)More Video: